Welcome back-stage of VERNE Atelier.

We offer you a glimpse on where magic happens. What magic, you may ask? That very magic of getting out of the comfy-pants and resembling what it feels like to love what you see, what you do, what comes out of your fingertips and imagination. As human-beings, our inner beauty shines brighter when we create. This is our magic. It is then transferred to you by the clothes we make. Works like magic, they say, every time! 😊

- Love, Svetla Angel-ova, Verne designer

We create small batches of ready to wear items in our collections. When you shop a VERNE garment, it goes to our Atelier to be made for you. Should you need any specific combination or individual size you do not find listed, just contact us – it is a joy to make your dream come true!

Need an inspiration? Look no further – we collected some of our best , hand-made garments of tulle and more in the Gallery below.

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