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Bridal dress

made of two pieces Verne Brides

Artistic ombre and paintbrush effects on Verne tulle skirts are made by hand of the master for each peace. That is why they call them Masterpiece.

Tulle Skirts
to fantasize about

Probably the best contemporary “little black dress” award goes to...

Red Princessа Prom Dress

Verne Prom

Feel it. Love it. Limited edition dresses for breath-taking occasions.

Tulle Skirts by VERNE

A home of the tulle skirt, this is VERNE. The little black dress of our time, a thousand faces piece that made its way to the dresser and is here to stay. VERNE tulle skirts have been part of your dreams, travels, city walks, artistic performances, and cherished celebrations! Unbelievable transformation for a piece of tulle, isn’t it?


There is more to tulle

Design can be brave having big ambitions, like creating a perfect piece for the city vibe. Discover our mixture of design, comfort and vivid prints for a silhouette made simple, yet to impress. Did you just get the most comfortable skirt in town, or it is a dress – why not both? Start by one, go on with the collection.



Once upon a time... That's how the fairytale of VERNE starts. With a lot of efforts, creativity, professionalism and love, we have been trying to reveal and provoke the gentle and rebellious nature in every woman. Flirting with colors, textile and ideas, we have been producing our fashion for 15 years, combining the everlasting elegance and romance of the past with the ease, convenience and comfort of the modern times. This is how our beloved tulle skirt is
born. Symbol of fine femininity and casual grace, a palette of soft colors and a gentle touch, it is a personification of a modern fairytale in the city life. And this is just the beginning...

be a pinch of pure magic in your own story. Story about fashion, which is made especially for you, so that you can feel even more special because personal attitude is important to us.


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